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category: Clarion-Clips, date: 2014-11-28, by Avon SD
Avon Wind Farm
Wind Farm OfficeThe photo of Wind Farm Office from the Avon Clarion.

The Avon Clarion reported that a new Wind Farm Office was being built on the far north end of Main Street in Avon South Dakota. If you had not heard that then you didn't get the paper.

A short drive north of town reveals the large towers. Several appear to be complete with several under construction.

Below is a short video clip at the Wind Farm and below that are some photos taken the day after Thanksgiving around the windmills. When you get up close you realize that these are a little bigger that the ones that were (or still are) used to pump water from a well.

Short Clip at Wind Farm
At the Wind Farm North of Avon South Dakota
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