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category: Letters, date: 2016-08-16, by Greg Whiteley
Unanswered Questions
Letter to the editor from Greg Whiteley August 15, 2016

After seeing all the Prevailing Winds ads in last weeks Avon Clarion, I'm reminded of the old saying about "(strangers) bearing gifts". I read and hear tales of the theoretical school money, tax relief, lower energy bills, township funds & economic development with some pretty interesting numbers. What I really want to know, is has a disinterested body ever looked at these supposed windfalls for accuracy, probability & financial consequence, or is this the veritable merchants thumb on the scale?

In today's world, we are bombarded by politically expedient promises that have the half life of a soap bubble. We're always given the "best case scenario", and distracted away from the worst or possible downside. Watch a few hours of cable news, and the "spin" never stops. Big business has adopted the same tactic, and the lesson has trickled down to the local level.

So many questions loom, more so for those of us in the "footprint" of the project, than of those investors that don't even live in it's boundaries. I'll say I was personally insulted by some wind-bag ( pardon the pun) surrogate, who insinuated that those of us not getting a tower are somehow jealous, as we were not getting paid, Shame on you !..To those, that tout the wonders of wind farms, do you ever notice that the pictures you advertise, and most all of them on social media, show the towers out in the water, on majestic bluffs, or in the middle of nowhere..Ever wondered why?

What I still want to know is answers to some of the WHAT IF'S ?. What if redistribution of wealth becomes the political craze?. What if a monetary windfall results in loss of subsidies?. What if the money craps out, who is going to make up the difference. What if random financial institutions decide that towers DO reduce property values in their mind?. What if there are complex easement & property right issues ?. What if the local economy would become financially addicted?. Where is a safety assesment from DHS ? ...Money, as the supposed root of all evil, has become the driving motivator on this project. Money to the tax base, to the school, individual farmer, absentee landlord & unaffected investors all sound great, but the damage to the community as a whole, will outlive the towers. Forbid, that the scare mongers who historically whine of the town's impending demise, ever decide that for the sake of monetary enrichment, a refugee camp or nuclear waste dump sounds profitable...

Back to my opening thought. This Trojan horse was allowed to park at our northern border, and is now planning it's march south. Think wisely folks, as the land we call home is being compromised for dollars. The land our parents, grandparents & great grand parents busted hump for, could be pillaged for our lifetimes and beyond, leaving behind a rusting graveyard of poor decisions.


Greg Whiteley
Avon, SD

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