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category: Letters, date: 2017-06-05, by Gregg Hubner
Subsidized Monstrosities
Letter from Gregg Hubner

Dear Editor,

Sunday afternoon I was up to the Beethoven wind farm with my camera to take a photo of a John Deere tractor parked near a wind turbine, just to emphasize the sheer size of these wind turbines (nearly twice as tall as the Statue of Liberty). Well, I see now they are working on another turbine. This is a different one than the photo that was in the Avon Clarion last week. I counted 4 pickups, 2 cranes and a couple bigger trucks. I can see now what Erik Johnson is talking about creating jobs. If these things don't even last 2 years without major repair, then it will create a lot of jobs, fixing these inefficient outdated subsidized monstrosities. The wind wasn't blowing when I was there, not even one of the 43 towers was moving. If you had to depend on wind to keep your electricity on Sunday afternoon, you would be sweating in the 90 degree temps. I wonder how many tens of thousands of dollars it cost to fix one of these. And who pays? There is only one payer, the customers of Northwestern Energy. They pay for everything.
. . . . Gregg C. Hubner

Wind Farm north of Avon SDWind farm north of Avon, South Dakota
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