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category: Letters, date: 2017-02-04, by Barb Otto
Towers in Holt County
Barb Otto. Holt County Nebraska

Dear Editor,

My name is Barb Otto and I am writing from Holt County Nebraska, also know as the land of 200 giant wind turbines. I understand that the constant red blinking lights on the nearly 500 foot towers can be seen from Avon. Well we have a front row seat from our ranch just north of this industrial complex...and it is unsettling to say the least.

This blight on the countryside comes wrapped in the usual bow. Economic development, tax reductions, school money, green energy and JOBS. However these wind developers forget to mention infrasound, wind turbine syndrome, land devaluation, trespass zoning, bird kills, well turbidity, road damage, and divided neighborhoods to name a few problems.

While the willing land owners see dollars, the developers see bigger dollars. The government subsidies fuel this fire. There have been eight extensions from the federal government since 1992. No reason to think that will ever end. We the people fuel the government. We are paying for our own demise on this subject.

Traditional coal and natural gas facilities must be constantly ramped up for the needed back up when the wind stops. So we pay for that and the turbines simultaneously. WIND IS FAR FROM FREE! The subsidy is 23 times per megawatt greater than that of coal and gas. These turbines are not fueled by wind but in reality by our tax dollars.

You will find strict confidentiality clauses in the wind contracts. What's the big secret? Oh there are plenty of secrets. These 80-100 page legal mumbo jumbo contracts serve the wind people from all angles. Do not sign anything until it has been evaluated by a good contract lawyer from out of your county.

Berkshire Hathaway Energy (Warren Buffett) now wants 50 more megawatts or in other words 25-2 megawatt towers in Holt County. That puts them under the Nebraska Power Review Boards threshold for approval. It doesn't take much to figure out that could be 25 in March, 25 in May, 25 in July and you get the picture. We have heard rumors of 200 more! It appears Prevailing Winds has the same plan for you.

There is abundant information available from people fighting these all over the WORLD. It's time to stop the government subsidy and force them to stand on their own. But for now the developers are full steam ahead to suck up as much cash as possible. Buyer beware! Take a little scenic drive over the river and come see this nightmare. Stop your vehicle and listen to these on a windy day. It will blow you away! No pun intended.

I hope I have given you food for thought. Force your elected officials to do the right thing. Follow the money, do your homework and don't let this happen to your beautiful countryside.

Respectfully submitted,

Barb Otto. Holt County Nebraska

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