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category: Agriculture, date: 2015-04-15, by Avon SD
Cheyenne Charolais
Cheyenne CharolaisCheyenne Charolais of Wasta, South Dakota
Cell: (605) 381-0885 - Home: (605) 993-3151
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Joel Deering J-Diamond Cheyenne Charolais

In the early 1900's Joel Steven Deering's great-grandfather, C. August "Gus" Deering, homesteaded 160 acres 10 miles north of Wasta, SD. About that time, Joel's other great-grandfather, Joe Meiners, homesteaded four miles south of Wasta at what is now known as the Soderquist Ranch. This ranch serves as headquarters for the operation and houses the commercial cowherd. Deering also uses the ranch to calve and develop heifers.

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